Tropical Music

If you are interested in hiring Windjammer for a tropical- themed function, corporate event, wedding, poolside party, etc., we recommend that you visit our tropical music section first. You'll
find a lot of information showing why Windjammer is one of the most versatile and reliable calypso/island bands around.
This area is for both professionals and private individuals searching for a band that does everything from Belafonte to
Buffett, especially for lovers of the steel drums.


World Fusion/Reggae

We have another section on this site dedicated to the more upbeat, dance-oriented music of Windjammer.We recommend this area for anyone interested in Windjammer's concert and nightclub shows, or our current catalog of original music recordings.This would include people from booking agencies, record labels, and the media. We also invite our fans, past and present, to check out the archives, upcoming events and other fun stuff.